Sketchers at the Palace

27 Jan 2018 – This Saturday the plan was to meet with some members of the USK Portugal for a visit to a Palace (FOZ) located in one of the main squares of the city center – Praça Restauradores.  And so we did.  The Palace, that can only be visited by pre booked guided tour, is beautiful and made me dream of how it must have felt to live in such a place during the XIX century. In each room I could imagine the parties and all the cultural gatherings that must have taken place there.  The few rooms we were allowed to visit are incredibly beautiful, slightly reminiscent of Versailles. The guide was very knowledgeable and kept telling interesting stories about the Palace and it’s owners before they went bankrupt (it is now part of the portuguese heritage) which left us with very little time for sketching.  So I tried a few sketches while standing and listening and looking around, but it did not work well. So I took some minutes off to sit down twice and do these.

A bust at the Bust´s Gallery and  two elephant’s heads supporting the staircase to the secret club at the basement

Palácio Foz_24Jan18Palácio Foz_Abadiabrushpen on craft paper, graphite and pitt pastel pencils