The charismatic Citroen 2Hp at Ericeira Portugal

Monday of last week they started to arrive at this small village by the Atlantic. And all through the week they kept coming, more and more, of all  colours and some of them beautifully decorated. By Friday there were around 2000 of them, filling up the streets and the camping sites and everywhere. This car was an icon in its time and still stands for a particular way of looking at life.  It inspires feelings of adventure, relaxation, taste for the simple pleasures, but also those of endurance and tenacity.  People came from lots of different places in Europe, many of them drove their 2Hp for long distances, come rain or shine, without the comforts of modern cars.  Back to basics is their motto.  It was beautiful to have the chance to see them and I was really sorry to watch them leaving last Sunday. Please come back again!

Encontro de 2CV na Ericeira_20170729

A Dog a Day on a post it

Welcome to my blog!
Early this year i started developing a passion for drawing and dogs are one of my favourite themes, so i decided to start a self-challenge: to draw each day a different dog on a post-it. The idea is to use a pen for the drawing part, no erasing is allowed, and the colouring is with either charcoal pencil, coloured pencil or colour marker. Here are some of them from January and February.

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